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Learn Datomic Datalog, and Ions.

Video course about Datomic Cloud. Including Datomic dev-local, Datomic Ions, and AWS deployment.

What will you learn?

Datomic Cloud

Datomic dev-local

Use Datomic dev-local to run and test your application in development environment without connecting to a server.


Focus on writing your application logic and leverage the Ion tooling and infrastructure to handle deployment and execution.


Grasp Datalog; the query language of Datomic. Learn how to query your data with different query types.


Understand how to model with Datomic. Learn schema attributes and know how to use them correctly.


Learn how to process transactions with Datomic. Understand transaction requests and results.


Deploy your application to AWS, without having to master the many different services involved.

What shoud I know before picking up this course?

This course builds up on the Learn Reitit course. We take the finished code, with slight modifications, from the Reiti course and refactor from Postgres to Datomic. That said, if you are familiar with Reitit, Ring, Handlers, and Middleware you should have no problems picking up the Datomic course, without taking the Reitit course.

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Reviewed by experts

The code used in this course has been sliced and diced by these experts so that you can learn the best practice and idiomatic Clojure.

  • Jarrod C Taylor

    Jarrod C Taylor

    Datomic Team

  • Stuart Halloway

    Stuart Halloway

    Co-Founder @ Cognitect

  • Furkan Bayraktar

    Furkan Bayraktar

    Co-Founder / CTO @ Scrintal

  • Thomas Heller

    Thomas Heller


  • Wilker Lúcio

    Wilker Lúcio


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Datomic PRO


Get this course if you are familiar with REST API and want to learn Datomic.

  • Learn Datomic dev-local
  • Learn Datomic schema
  • Learn Datalog
  • Learn Transactions
  • Learn Datomic Ions
  • Deploy to AWS
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Datomic + Reitit PRO

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Get this course if you want to learn REST API and Datomic.

  • Everything in Datomic PRO
  • Access to Reitit course (REST API)
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Access to all the courses.
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  • Access to Reagent course
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  • Access to Datomic course
  • Access to Pedestal course
  • Access to future courses
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Get full access to all the courses with an one time payment. This includes: Reagent, Re-Frame, Reitit, and Datomic course for 559€

Frequently asked questions

What will I learn?
The focus is on Datomic Cloud, including Datomic dev-local, Datomic Ions, and Datalog. We'll switch from Leiningen to deps.edn, from PostgreSQL to Datomic, and from Heroku to AWS.
Is this course right for my skill level?
Datomic database will be used as part of REST API service. We are not going to build the API and you should be familiar with Ring, Routing, Handlers, and Middleware.
How long do I have access to the course?
How does lifetime access sound? After enrolling, you have unlimited access to this course for as long as you like - across any and all devices you own.
What if I am unsatisfied with the course?
If after watching a couple of first videos you are unsatisfied, get in touch—we will provide a full refund.
Does this course support Open Source?
Yes! By buying this course you are supporting Open Source Projects. 10% of profits will be transferred to Clojurists Together to fund critical Clojure and ClojureScript open source projects. Addition to that, we also support independent software developers working on Clojure projects.
Is it best practice?
Yes! The content of the course has been reviewed and approved by experts: Jarrod C Taylor, Furkan Bayraktar, Stuart Halloway, Wilker Lúcio, and Thomas Heller.
Can I buy this as a subscription?
Yes! You can subscribe to ClojureStream and get this course as part of the subscription.


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Who created this course?

👋 I'm Jacek author of Learn Reagent, Learn Re-frame, and Learn Reitit. Host of ClojureScript Podcast and Thomas Heller's best friend, even though he doesn't know it.