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Learn Datomic Datalog, and Ions.

Video course about Datomic Cloud. Including Datomic dev-local, Datomic Ions, and AWS deployment.

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Datomic Illustration

What will you learn?

Datomic Cloud

Datomic dev-local

Use Datomic dev-local to run and test your application in development environment without connecting to a server.


Focus on writing your application logic and leverage the Ion tooling and infrastructure to handle deployment and execution.


Grasp Datalog; the query language of Datomic. Learn how to query your data with different query types.


Understand how to model with Datomic. Learn schema attributes and know how to use them correctly.


Learn how to process transactions with Datomic. Understand transaction requests and results.


Deploy your application to AWS, without having to master the many different services involved.

Jacek Schae

Who created this course?

👋 I'm Jacek author of Learn Reagent, Learn Re-frame, and Learn Reitit. Host of ClojureScript Podcast and Thomas Heller's best friend, even though he doesn't know it.